Infants - Age 4

About Our Nursery

For many families the church nursery is the first contact you will have with our church.  Our volunteers take this seriously and strive to provide the best care and experience for you and your child.  Background checks and training are given to all who work with children.

Fun is a large part of our mission.  There are distractions such as our nursery fish named “Fred” and our bubble machine.  Adults can swing with little ones and toys are rotated to keep children interested in play.  Each week we teach a short bible story with the use of sensory boxes.  Jonah comes alive when children can touch and act out the story with the teacher.

When checking your child into nursery you will be asked to register then you are given a pager just in case we need to contact you during the service.

When is the nursery available?

Nursery for infants through age 4 is provided during the following church meetings:

– Sunday morning and evenings
(for Sunday School & Worship Service)